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Each morning after working on this piece,  I took a photo of the progress of the evening before.

This piece is part of a series  from my evening and nighttime trail rides on Pie around a historic farm where we once boarded. In Reality is the name of one of the grandsires of note of the mare of a dear friend of mine.

Our friendship solidified years ago when she hired me to exercise her filly when I was a rider at the track. Years later, when I moved my horses to this historic farm where my friend happens to live, she and I found an old stud book from the year that I quit riding to go to art school in Richmond.

Paper from In Reality's  page in the stud book are worked into this piece.



In an effort to show the effect of the transparency of the papers in the piece, I had this pieces scanned while on a black background (below), then again on a white background (shown next).

My Process

In Reality -   over  a white background

In Reality -  over a black background