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My work explores the relationship between the banal news of the past to the fast pace of current culture.  Through the purposeful placement of vintage ephemera into bucolic scenes made from many pieces of paper. These many pieces create a cool image that was inspired by the 72 dots of the moving images on our old televisions.

Artist Statement

With influences as diverse as Edward Hopper, Joseph Cornell and Marshall McCluhan, new insights are crafted from both opaque and transparent layers.

I have always longed to be able to recreate a feeling of a place and moment not just an image of the scene. By creating cold media with layers of paper and dated information, what originally appears as a simple image, grows into a sense of place and feeling creating participation, giving a safe haven for thought and emotion.

While we have advanced technologically, humans are very much the same. Newspaper ads from 19th and 20th centuries  equivalent to a snake oil salesman are no different than a banner ad promising one simple tip to get rid of belly fat.

As cool media becomes more prevalent and inescapable, the viewer is in need of a haven for quiet reflection more than ever. Something that engages, without diverting the viewer's participation to an outside agenda, will allow the viewer to be a participant with an image and even allow emotional exploration. Viewers need places for the mind to be diverted back to their own thoughts and questions. Time to recall past and present and thus, be ready for the future. While some art is intended to startle or offend, I create work that allows meandering thought which is where all the best ideas are found.