“My wife purchased this piece for me as a birthday present because it was my favorite from Susan’s first solo show. What first attracted me was the representation of the bluebird, then it's placement on the branch and the branch itself. The field on which she has placed these items has such a wonderful atmospheric perspective that it makes the entire scene exotic, tropical and mysterious. To me the background is always changing, sometimes I see clouds, hills and mountains or architectural structures or all of them. It has endless depth. In short it is a beautifully envisioned and executed piece of art, that my wife and I both love.”

Bruce & Stephany - owners of Bluebird & Bamboo

"I am proud to own one of Susan’s pieces. I am one of her biggest fans. I feel like Susan created this piece just for me, even though she didn’t even know me at the time. That’s how perfect it is and how much I love it!


"I wasn’t necessarily looking for a piece of artwork to purchase when I stumbled upon Susan’s artwork. I don’t feel like I found this piece; I feel like the piece found me.   I feel a special connection with it and I always makes me feel good when I look at it. It was meant for me."


"We appreciate all types of artists, but mostly appreciate the unique, more than typical or traditional work.  We try to match the theme of a piece, its colors and styles to what we have or what will help express who we are or what we like in a room or section of our home.


 "When we first saw Susan's work we were attracted to the complexity, quality and the great detail of the pieces. We often base our art purchases once getting to know the artist, understanding the places where their passion comes from and how they describe their work. This  connection  makes it special and desirable to us.


"What we like most of all , we receive compliments of Susan's work by everyone that comes in contact with the pieces. We always tell the stories of how we met her, what we see in the pieces and telling people to check out her next showing or website."


Steve & Julie - owners of Snowy Egret