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Currently I'm on hiatus from my fine art collages. For many reasons, I've altered my studio space and am focusing on other areas of my life that need my attention. I'm still being creative, just not with the same dramatic scope that is required for me to do this work. Making art and being an artist are two different things. In order to enjoy being an artist, I need to take care of other things first.


My mind still thinks about future works so I know I'll be back, as I love making these pieces. To see some of the other things I've been doing visit Kaleidoscope, which I started when helping at the 2015 Rogallo Kite Festival, and Lennon's Watercolors something I've done to keep being creative, but in a much smaller scale.


To find out what work is still available or new work not shown here, go to my blog (seldom updated these days), or contact me.


I'll be back soon,